All About Amazon Prime for Students

Students can get a great deal and some unique benefits on Amazon Prime. Read on to find out how.

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Surely you've heard of Amazon Prime, and maybe you even used it at home before heading off to school.  But did you know that students can get a great deal on Amazon Prime–and all sorts of unique benefits?  Read on to find out about how students can make the best use of Amazon Prime.

What are the Main Amazon Prime Student Benefits?

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You're probably already familiar with the main benefits of Amazon Prime:

But there are tons of other benefits that are especially appealing to students.  We'll cover them all in this post.  But first, let's address the most important question.  What does it cost?

What Does Amazon Prime Cost for Students?

  • 6-Month Free Trial: The journey into Amazon Prime Student begins with a wallet-friendly proposition. For starters, there's a six-month free trial, courtesy of a partnership with Sprint, allowing students to dip their toes into the Prime experience without spending a dime.
  • $6.99/month After the Trial: Once the trial period ends, the subscription transitions into a half-priced haven of Prime benefits, costing significantly less than the regular Amazon Prime membership. This adjusted pricing structure is designed with the student budget in mind, ensuring that even those surviving on a diet of ramen and coffee can afford the luxury of Prime.

Who Qualifies for Amazon Prime Student?

There are two ways to qualify for Amazon Prime Student–and one doesn't even involve being a student!

  • Verify enrollment as a student:  if you're enrolled as a student, a valid .edu email address is your golden ticket to entry.
  • Verify eligibility by being age 18-24: That's right–if you're between 18 and 24 years old, you don't even need to be a student to qualify.

Either way, head over to the Amazon Prime Student page to get started!

What's the Difference Between Amazon Prime Student and Regular Prime?

While Amazon Prime for Students offers most of the same benefits as the normal Amazon Prime offering, there are a couple of important differences to be aware of.

  • Pricing and Trial Period: The most striking difference lies in the pricing and the extended six-month trial period offered to students, compared to the standard 30-day trial for regular Prime members.
  • Special Benefits for Students: While the core benefits like free shipping and streaming services are similar, Prime Student is enhanced with exclusive deals and promotions specifically aimed at students.
  • Sharing of Household Benefits: Unlike the Amazon Prime offering you might be used to with your family at home, Amazon Prime for Students does not allow you to share benefits with others in your household such as roommates.

Amazon Prime Student Entertainment Benefits

Logos for Amazon Music, Prime Video and Twitch
Logos for Amazon Music, Prime Video and Twitch
  • Prime Video: A treasure trove of movies and TV shows to unwind after a grueling study session.
  • Amazon Music: Over two million songs ad-free, creating the perfect study ambiance or soundtrack for a break.
  • Twitch Prime: Free games and exclusive in-game content for the gaming aficionados looking for a leisurely escape.

Unexpected Amazon Prime Benefits

Logos for Calm, CourseHero and GrubHub
Logos for Calm, CourseHero and GrubHub
  • Calm App Subscription: 3 complimentary months of Calm, the meditation app, to help manage the stresses of student life, then $8.99 a year.
  • CourseHero: one free month of AI-powered study assistance from CourseHero.  While this is a great tool, we wish the free offering was a bit more generous.
  • GrubHub+: Prime for Students gives 12 months free of GrubHub+, which gives free delivery and discounts on GrubHub orders, perfect for nights when cooking is just not on the agenda

Does Amazon Prime for Students Pay for Itself?

Amazon Prime for Students easily pays for itself every month through a series of benefits:

  • Free Shipping: save about $2.99 per order, though shipping varies by item and speed.  The savings on shipping alone, especially for frequent purchasers, can quickly offset the cost of the membership.
  • Prime Video: save $6.99/month compared to Netflix with ads.  While the content differs between Prime Video and other platforms, you'll always find something to watch
  • GrubHub+: save $9.99/month on GrubHub+, which can save $3.50 or more per delivery order and 5% off of pickup orders.  If you order food frequently (and let's be honest, you probably do), the savings can be significant.
  • Amazon Music: saves $5.99/month compared to Spotify, though to be fair, real music lovers who want on-demand access to any song may still prefer the Spotify offering.

Assuming you make three Amazon purchases and four GrubHub purchases per month, and use Prime Video & Amazon Music instead of other services, students can save an estimated $36 every month.  Exact savings will vary based on your usage of the benefits above, but this estimate is not unrealistic and could be even higher if you take advantage of other benefits.

Can Housemates Share Amazon Prime Student Benefits?

Unlike normal Amazon Prime which does allow for sharing within a household, the Prime Student offering does not allow for sharing Amazon Prime benefits.  Certain features such as Prime Video can of course be used on shared devices like communal TVs, but other benefits like free shipping and GrubHub will be harder to take advantage of unless the primary account holder does the ordering.

Does Amazon Prime Student Have a Referral Program?

Though there are many references to an Amazon Prime Student referral program online, as of this writing (Feb. 2024) Amazon's site does not indicate an active referral program.  While we're always on the lookout for deals like these and will update this post if we learn anything new, it looks like Amazon is not currently offering a referral program.

Can I Get Amazon Prime for Free With Sprint or T-Mobile?

There are lots of posts out there claiming that you can get Amazon Prime for Free with a Sprint or T-Mobile subscription.  Unfortunately, it seems that these posts are all outdated: the offer ended in April 2023.  As of February 2024, Sprint (now owned by T-Mobile) has ended its free Amazon Prime promotions for new customers.  If this changes and the promotion becomes available again, we'll update it here!

Are International Students Eligible for Amazon Prime Student?

International students aren't left out of the Prime loop; with a valid .edu email and proof of enrollment, they too can enjoy the myriad benefits of Amazon Prime Student, making their transition to studying in the U.S. a bit smoother.

How to Maximize Savings with Amazon Prime Student

  • Take Advantage of the Special Offers: make sure to try out the subscriptions to Calm and CourseHero, as well as any other special offers that pop up.
  • Stay Alert for Deals: Come back to Amazon once in a while to keep an eye out for exclusive deals and promotions, especially during back-to-school and holiday seasons.  While the information in this post is up-to-date as of February 2024, benefits do change periodically.
  • Use the Amazon App: The Amazon app is a great tool for tracking deals and managing subscriptions, ensuring you never miss out on an opportunity to save.
  • Cancel Any Subscriptions you Don't Use!  While the free offerings of GrubHub+, Calm & CourseHero are great benefits, they may auto-renew after expiration.  Be sure to check the terms when you sign up and don't forget to cancel if you don't find the app helpful.


Amazon Prime Student is more than just a subscription service; it's a strategic partner in the quest for academic and personal success. It works perfectly with the student lifestyle, offering an array of benefits that cater to both the necessities and pleasures of college life. From substantial savings on textbooks and essentials to providing a much-needed entertainment escape, Prime Student offers a solution to a wide array of everyday problems students encounter.

To embark on this journey of convenience, savings, and enjoyment, head over to Amazon and follow the straightforward process to verify eligibility either by student status or age. Amazon Prime Student awaits to make your student life richer, easier, and infinitely more enjoyable. Join the ranks of savvy students who have already discovered this essential college hack.

Updated 2/23/2024