Web Expedition - Support

Web Expedition is a Safari web browser extension which lets you monitor changing content, like prices, social media stats, sporting events and more.

You can find Web Expedition on the Mac OS App Store.

How do I monitor content on a site?

First, enable the Expedition extension in your Safari "Extensions" settings.  Then the Expedition icon will appear in your navigation bar.  On the site you wish to monitor, click the Expedition icon and follow the provided instructions.

Why doesn't monitoring work for a particular site?

There are a number of reasons Expedition may not be able to monitor a given site:

  • The page appears after a form is submitted (or "posted") – Expedition cannot read this kind of content
  • The content on the page is dynamic, and loads after a delay
  • Your browser permissions have changed - see below for details on how to fix

Why did monitoring stop working for a particular site?

If site monitoring stops working on a certain site, the site permissions may have changed. This can happen if you alter the permission settings, or if permissions had only been granted temporarily. In this case, simply clicking on the Expedition icon while on the site should prompt you to reauthorize the Expedition extension for the site.

How can I get support or contact the developers?

You can contact the developer at contact [at] blixtdev.com