Web Image Enhancer - Support

Web Image Enhancer is a Safari web browser extension which provides additional options for viewing and interacting with images you find on the web..

You can find Web Image Enhancer on the Mac OS App Store.

How do I activate Web Image Enhancer?

First, enable the Web Image Enhancer extension in your Safari "Extensions" settings.  Once enabled, you can hover over an image on a web-page and use the Shift key to bring up the Web Image Enhancer overlay which contains options for viewing and interacting the selected image.

If you wish to change the Web Image Enhancer hotkey or other settings, click the Web Image Enhancer icon in the toolbar.

Why doesn't Web Image Enhancer certain images?

Web Image Enhancer works by finding HTML <img /> tags on the current page.  Some site display images through other mechanisms such as background images, or HTML <canvas /> tags.  Images displayed through these alternative mechanisms are not currently supported.

Can I download images with Web Image Enhancer

How can I get support or contact the developers?

You can contact the developer at contact [at] blixtdev.com